Julien ROBERT Desired position :

August 7th, 1978
Paris – 14ème, France
Single – None

French: mother Tongue
English: fluent
Italian, Spanish: elementary
Luxury tourism industry including yachting.

Nature conservation, public awareness and education and stakeholders collaboration.

Marine and scuba diving industry with first aid and paramedic specialisation.

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Actual Position: Mr Clemens TOUSSAINT – Monaco – 2010-2018
Email: c.toussaint@riviera-airport.it
Mr Toussaint is an international art historian specialized in recovering stolen art from the holocaust. Mr Toussaint is also a recognized antic cars collector and restorer.
  • After being Monsieur’s yacht captain for 5 years, I started to assist him more in his personal life aspects.
  • In November 2015, Mr Toussaint became the new owner of Riviera Airport, near Monaco, and plans to modernize the airport and offer exclusive services for private and business jets operating in the region (ref: Wikipedia).
  • As I have knowledges in aviation for personal reasons, Mr Toussaint started to involve me in his project. I assisted him with design, printing process and I managed the airport web site creation with CounterPart (Koln Germany) (ref: www.riviera-airport.it). I also accompanied him in different meetings or events (EBACE 17, etc.).
  • - Full administrative and Book-keeping management including banking and salaries treatments
    - Handyman tasks with enhanced luxury and quality level required
    - Web site creation project manager
    - IT specialist consultant
    - Design and printing processing for marketing
    - Private and business aviation
    YACHT CAPTAIN – 2010-2015:
    Only captain of M/Y Una, Monaco, since its built to its end of service.
    Full administrative and cruise management.
    Full boat maintenance and administration:
  • Regular maintenance and unexpected reparations, book-keeping, administration, bank accounts management including salaries payment, etc.
  • Private cruising around Mediterranean luxury places and high-lights:
  • Monaco, Corsica, Costa Esmeralda, Venice, Lipari Islands, Portofino, Croatia, etc.
  • - Arcoa Fly 40 – 43ft – Fly bridge
    - Monaco – YCM member since 2012
    - Total millage: 6000 NM
    - 1 Rhône river cruise from Marseilles to Avignon
    - All Italian coastlines cruised from France to Croatia
    YACHTING INDUSTRY – 2007-2010:
    Positions occupied:
  • Since Captain 200GT passed, I occupied most positions aboard motor yachts, from deckhand to captain.
  • Yachts type and cruise areas:
  • From 50’ to 110’ motor yachts cruising
    Mediterranean luxury places (Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Porto-Cervo, Monaco etc.).
  • References:
  • M/Y Goldfinger – Monaco – SportRiva 56’ #3 – Captain – Private use
    M/Y Solanna – Monaco – San Lorenzo 110’ – Captain Mate – Charter
    M/Y Canile – Monaco – San Lorenzo 110’ – Captain Mate – Charter
    Bristol Yacht International – 20’ to 70’ Fleet Maintenance Manager – French Riviera
  • - Licence: IYT – Master of Yacht 200 GT
    - Rivers and lacs License
    - Boat management, maintenance and repairs
    - Marine First Aid
    - STCW95, Radio Operator, MED II
    Positions occupied:
  • From basic scuba instructor to dive centre manager.
    From beginners to instructors students.
    Marine first aid specialist instructor.
  • Places:
  • South Pacific (Tahiti, Moorea, etc.),
    West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, etc.),
    Mediterranean Sea (French Riviera, Liparis Islands, Cyprus, etc.).
  • References:
  • La Villa Fabulite – Cap d’Antibes
    4 seasons Beachcomber, Hilton, Club-Med, etc.
  • - State Scuba Instructor 1rst degree
    - State First Aid Instructor
    - CMAS, PADI, SSI, Nitrox Master Instructor
    - Specialties: first aid and rescue, decompression and deep dives, night, caves, wrecks, etc.
    - More than 5000 dives loged
    INTERNET INDUSTRY – 1996-2000:
    Positions occupied:
  • From Employee to Junior Project Manager
    Founded the web agency July company and director in Paris 1997 to 2000
  • References:
  • EDF, Alcatel, PriceWaterHouse, BelgaCom.
  • - IT specialist
    – Web Designer
    - Marketing creation and production
    - Web site creation management
    - Administration and bookeeping